How to Generate Daily Leads Without Buying Ads, Having a Blog or Chasing and Pitching People
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in my eleven years in the online world, I’ve learnt a few things. Here is one of them......
Most people have got it all wrong about making money online. One of the symptoms of Wrong Thinking is they think that making money online is inherently different to making it offline
They also think they can outsource the customer acquisition process
And that people will buy something
significant without any human contact. Ha – if you believe that you’re living in ‘cloud
cuckoo land’. Dream on!
They also operate under the illusion that the product, the program or the offer are the only things that count (and there is little or nothing you can do to change outcomes).
Finally, they assume that the more money you spend, the more you will make. Not necessarily.
I am here to tell you that ALL of those assumptions are wrong. Dead wrong. And if you hold any of those views and are not prepared to make a shift, you should turn off now. This video is probably not for you.
I’ve seen loads of people throw big money at Facebook ads, solo ads, and Bing ads, with nothing to show for it except their ballooning credit card debt.
Why so? Many reasons. If you’ve been using Facebook ads, it’s often due to poor targeting or messaging. Or both.
And as for solo ads, well, all I can
say is that it’s a crap shoot with the odds heavily stacked against you.
And what about the ‘free’ methods? Typical free methods such as cold pitching people on Facebook, and placing ads in spammy groups can work.
But here’s the problem. You have to do a lot of it, and sooner or later you’ll get sick of doing it.

In particular, cold pitching on Facebook
could get you shut down because many people will block you. This will prompt an investigation by Facebook. Good luck – you’ll need it.
What about blogging? It’s very slow, and somewhat complicated. And you’ll need to learn how to create good content that is likely to get ranked by the search engines
People ask me about using their Facebook page. Yes, no problem. But unless you spend money on ads you’ll see that engagement rates are much lower compared to using your Personal Profile and/or a Facebook group
Look, after selling millions online I’ve used just about every strategy there is.
I know what works, and what doesn’t. The reality is that many of the strategies work but they either cost a lot of money, or take up huge amounts of time. And they are often very slow.
A better way
So lets see if we can sort out your lack of results problem once and for all. Ready?
I’m going to show you a simple,
easy to implement system you can use
for almost any home biz.
To Make Money You Need a responsive audience, warm leads, a sales funnel that converts, products that solve problems and make people feel better
Everything I do revolves around one simple idea: It’s easier to make money with people who know, like and trust you, than it is from people who don’t.
So, if you accept that as truth, the only question you need to ask is this: How can we find lots of people who Know, Like and Trust us? (Frankly, if you get that sorted, everything else becomes a lot easier.)
There are lots of different ways to do it. Here are the methods I’ve used till now....
Guest Posting
Email Marketing
Facebook Pages
Facebook Ads
Commenting in FB Groups
Facebook Messenger Strategy
Facebook Personal Profile Strategy
Your Facebook Group

So which strategy? Well, the quickest tribe building strategy I have used is a Facebook Group
So let’s go with that
So, how are you going to learn this stuff?
Well, I’ve got good news for you today
Because my new Tribe Builder Lite Program will show you how I make money month after month using a free Facebook Group strategy
For example you’ll learn how I used a Facebook Group and Webinar Strategy to make $25,000 just one month after I started the group!
So here is your grand strategy
Grow An Audience
Build a Tribe
Sell Them Stuff

Now don’t let this scare you. In essence I’m talking about building your warm audience

Because that’s where the best and easiest money is made
So we use attraction marketing techniques to drive people to you.
And then we use community building methods to turn a mere audience into a tribe of fans
I said that these strategies are free and simple
But I want to add this caveat
Even with the simplest of ideas, there is ALWAYS the requirement to master the detail. Trust me, detail mastery is where it’s at.
So how are you going to acquire
AND learn the detail?
Learn from the masters
So, here is how it works
It’s called Tribe Builder Lite (with Group Coaching)
You will learn how to get leads on demand
every week - every day if you want. Frankly, if you do what I teach you, you’ll be getting more leads than you can handle.
KEY POINT. Every person you add to your new group is a lead for you. Why? They have an interest in your group topic. That’s a lead in my book.
So let me show you how this works in practice

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