"Million Dollar Online Seller Helping You Build a Happy Tribe of Raving Fans (Who Want to Do Business With You)"
14 Facts About Kim Willis
1. Started online in 2006, as an affiliate marketer 

2. Made $100k+ in the first year, part time

3. Quit the rat race after 55 days

4. Sold millions of dollars of products online as an affiliate

5. Personally called over 10,000 leads

6.  Wrote his first book (Cash Cow Business Model) in 2013

7. Created his first online course in 2013 (The $10k a Month Formula)

8. Established a membership site in 2014

9. Wrote and produced a significant training program - Big Ticket Mastery - in 2014

10. Despite many personal setbacks (which affected his ability to do business), he crossed the 'million dollars in affiliate commissions earned' threshold several years ago.

11. In 2013 he became a digital nomad and travels to many parts of the world, exploring different cultures and communities.

12. Hobbies (other than travel) are: music, movies, restaurants, reading, and bushwalking

13. He has trained thousands of marketers on the finer points of messaging, engagement, lead conversion, and tribe building strategies.

14. Biggest joy - helping others succeed
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