6 Figure Tribes
Kim Willis
'The key to success is to build profitable online communities'
Learn How to Generate Daily Free Leads Online
Grab my helpful video about tribe building.  I use this strategy to build profitable online communities on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Remember.  It's easier to do business with people who love what you do.  We call it the Know, Like and Trust factor.  The more KLT you have, the more people will become customers and raving fans.

The video runs for just 13 minutes.  It could be the most valuable thing you do today.    Request the video - complete the short from below - I'll email it to you.
Does Tribe Building Work?  Here's What Others Have Done......

115 Customers in Six Months

Connie Cachia started her Facebook group in August 2017. Five weeks later she generated her first commissions of $1,450USD. And she’s been generating leads and making sales ever since.  

In fact, in the first six months of 2018 she used free tribe builder strategies to attract 115 new customers. As Connie says: "Tribe building rocks. After trying paid methods and failing dismally, this is by far the best way to generate leads and make money online." 


50 Customers in Two Months

Guido Dantonia started using a small group strategy – fishing in other Facebook groups – in April 2018. Two months later he had acquired 50 customers. Not a cent was spent on ads.

Guido believes that the key to making money on social media platforms is to identify a hungry audience.  Then, use tribe builder techniques to connect and convert.  Fifty customers in two months is proof positive that this stuff works! 

Group Strategy Builds An Engaged Audience and Regular Sales

Katie Koller started using tribe builder strategies in March 2018. She already had a small tribe, and using the techniques we teach, she made an instant 7 sales. Since then she’s made many sales and has built a very active Facebook group.

Katiés philosophy is that it's better to build a warm audience. Goodwill, leads and sales automatically flow from this approach.  

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